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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

5 months

Another month has gone by and my sweet Lainey bug is now 5 months old! That's a whole hand people!! I can't believe it. Everyone said it goes by fast, I just didn't realize how fast! I look at Lainey and can't believe how much bigger she is than when she was born. My little snuggle bunny just keeps growing bigger and bigger!
We had a major milestone a few weeks ago that was really hard on me. I went back to work. After 4 1/2 wonderful months of staying home with Lainey every day, I returned to my job. The first day was really hard. I started crying before I even got out the front door to leave. But I kept myself busy working in my classroom so the day went by quickly and before I knew it, I was picking her up and taking her home. That evening completely revolved around Lainey. Jeremy and I both just sat with her, stared at her, played with her and loved on her. It's amazing we took time long enough to eat. As time has gone by, it's gotten easier to not be with her during the day. It just makes the evenings that much more special getting to spend time with her. Of course this means we'll rarely have clean clothes or a clean house because we're too busy playing with her to do that during the evening but oh well. :) Alright, now for the Lainey stats.

weight: 14 lbs 3 oz (this was weight from doctor a couple of weeks ago so probably a little higher)
length: 26 3/4" (taken by me...probably not accurate)
-eats about 5 - 5 1/2 oz
-has added rice cereal to her diet. Most of the time, the majority of it ends up on her face and bib :)
-sleeps from 9pm-7am LOVE THIS!!!!!

Lainey's resume'
-rolls from back to tummy -- only going to her right, working on rolling the other way. Also still working on rolling to back from tummy, tends to get stuck on tummy
-can sit up unassisted for a good period of time!!!
-can jump rather aggressively while in jumperoo
-grabs toys and holds
-reaches for items (especially ones not meant for her)
-takes binky out of mouth and can put back in all on her own
-saying "eeeeooo" "mamamamma" "iiii", "bbrrrrr", grunts, blows raspberries
-squeals (Loudly!)
-looks for people if hide behind something
-starting to play peek a boo
-can push self up while on tummy
-grabs toes

Lainey's guilty pleasures:
-looking at books
-being sung to
-watching tv...still
-watching mommy or daddy dance around
-listening to music
-sitting at table and reaching for plates
-grabbing your toes
-being outside
-playing with roll & crawl ball

You are the most wonderful baby. I am loving watching you grow and watching you discover the world around you. I LOVE YOU BUNCHES!!!

Caden and Lainey chillaxin' in the pool

Lainey @ 5 mos. with Shala (look at the growth!)

Look at my big girl sittin all by herself!! And with a gorgeous smile too!!