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Saturday, December 3, 2011

8 months

Lainey Jo you are now 8 months old! I can’t believe it! Things are sure different around here lately because you can now crawl!! Oh my goodness you are mobile. IT makes me sad to think about because you will never be immobile again. You are growing so fast and I constantly wonder where my itty bitty baby doll went? I am excited to watch you grow and learn and seeing you crawl for the first time brought me complete joy. I felt such pride watching you move and of course I teared up. You had such a look of determination on your face. Now when I leave the room you crawl after me which melts my heart. It brings a huge smile to my face to turn around and see you coming to get me. I love you so much!

Now that you are mobile means we have to keep a closer eye on you as you explore your surroundings. We also get to start using the word “no”. You have tried to get into things not meant for you and we have given you a stern “no” and you just turn around, look at us, smile and start moving toward the object again. I hope this isn’t a sign of things to come…..

Another new thing you’ve developed is a little ‘tude. You don’t like it if you can’t do something, reach something or if now you’re told no. I’m not quite sure where you could’ve gotten this ‘tude (:/) but hopefully it’s just a phase. Even with the ‘tude and laughing off when you’re told no, I wouldn’t trade you for anything. You are the most wonderful, amazing, smart, funny, happy, most perfect baby and I love you more than anything! I can’t imagine my life without you!!

-weight: 20 lbs. ( I weighed myself then held you on the scale with me and it was a 20 lb. difference so…..)
-length: 28 1/4 “ ( measured by me so the accuracy is in question)
-eats: formula (usually 6 oz.), veggies, fruits, rice cereal and recently started some snack puffs
-size 3 diapers
-wears 9 month clothing
-says “mmmaaammmaaamamamma”, “dddaadddaaadadada”, “bbbebebebee” and several other sounds that are hard to type………………….there should be a code for this

Things you enjoy:
-looking at books
-playing peek a boo
-hearing people make animal sounds
-checking out new things (computer tower, basket of electronic gadgets, camera case, etc.)
-watching your kid videos
-singing songs
-holding pens
-banging on laptop
-playing with blocks
-knocking over towers of toys
-playing with car seat
-sitting in front of my closet mirror
-patting baby Shala
-playing/loving roughly on Caden
-watching other people (sometimes a little too long…AKA staring)
-you now are intrigued by the vacuum instead of terrified, that's good :)


Hanging with Uncle Mikey!

Lainey w/Shala - 1 week

Lainey w/Shala - 8 months

No longer will lay down for pics with Shala..... the baby

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

7 months

My sweet Lainey Jo you are now 7 months! Time is flying by so quickly! Your stats:

*length: 27 " (I'm thinking you're a little longer cuz this was your measurement last month)
*weight: 16 lbs 14 oz
*eating: formula, some breast milk (no longer nursing :(, using what's left), rice cereal, squash, sweet potatoes, green beans, carrots, mixed veggies (only way you get peas), bananas, apples, pears, pears/pineapple, and other fruit medleys
*sleeping: 8:30/9pm - 7/7:45am, you get at least 10 hours a night sometimes more :) :)
*teeth: you have 2!! The bottom front (we're thinking you're working on some more)
*movement: rolling back and forth all over the place. I call you my rolly poley. You can also get into crawling position and move backwards, but can't quite crawl forward yet. You work very hard at it and get frustrated that you can't do it.
*you reach for stuff constantly. We have to keep things at a distance or you'll get your hands on them quick!
*because you move so much, we usually find you in a different spot in your crib every morning. Usually it's right up against the side wall. Sometimes you've even turned 180 degrees, facing the completely opposite direction.
*you love going to Miss Mel's house and playing with the other kids. Everytime I drop you off in the morning, you immediately check out what everyone else is doing. I have a hard time getting a kiss from you because you act like I'm just in your sad. Although I am glad that you enjoy where you spend 3 days a week!
*you scrunch your nose when you smile....absolutely love it!
*you're talking much more, mostly babababa, ahhhhh, grunting, squealing, and giggles. We're still working on Mama :)
*you like sitting on the bed while Mommy or Daddy falls down on the bed making you bounce. You just laugh and laugh at this!
*You get very serious when you're playing with you toys. It's like you are studying them intensely to learn everything you can about them. It's so fun to watch.
*You don't like being left alone in a room. You can handle it sometimes for a few minutes (more likely in the mornings rather than the evenings) but usually start crying as soon as everyone leaves
*You enjoy looking at books. You especially like the sound of your hand rubbing down the pages, making a nice squeaky sound
*You really enjoy typing on keyboards and you're somehow able to find all the buttons that exit out of programs
*Not a fan of getting boogers sucked out of your nose....sorry dear
*You do really well during bath time, just hang out with Mr. Duck
*You like having water put in your mouth from a straw
*You've tried a sippy cup but not quite sure how to use it yet
*You hold your softy to your face when you're tired, the sweetest thing ever!
*You enjoy playing peek a boo and will lean to the side trying to see whoever is hiding

You are learning and growing so quickly and it just amazes me. Each month is full of new adventures, excitements, firsts, and complete joy. I love having you in my life and couldn't imagine life without you. You are the most precious blessing and I love you so much!!


Lainey w/Shala @ 7 months

Hey guys!

Love this face!!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

6 months!!!!

My sweet, precious, wonderful Lainey Jo is 6 months old!!!! That's half way to 1 year!!! I cannot believe she's already 6 months old! TIme is literally flying by! Someone please make it stop. NOW!! I am loving the stage she's in right. She is much more interactive and really takes in the environment around her. Yesterday we had her 6 month check up with the doc and things are looking good. She's healthy (still currently has a cough, remnants of a pesky cold :( ) and her skills are top notch. She got some shots during the check up, 4 to be exact, and she was such a trooper. She cried some while receiving the shots but I picked her up once they were over and she stopped crying. Then she talked to me and her Nana most of the way home. I can only assume letting us know her displeasure for the shots. Her stats are:

weight: 15 lbs 5 oz (35 %ile)
height: 27 in. (90 %ile)
head circumference: 16 in. (12 %ile)
eating: breastmilk, formula, rice cereal, sweet potatoes, green beans, squash, peas (tried carrots this evening....wasn't a fan)
sleeping: 9pm-7am (Bless you child!)

New tricks:
-- rolling all over the place! But once she's done rolling, she's done
-- sitting up without support (not completely new but can sit longer without tumbling over)
-- sitting up from a reclined position
-- puts binky in & out of mouth on her own
-- moves things from one hand to the other
-- grasps well and quick (got orange juice spilled on me this morning....)
-- lunges forward
-- rotates body while on tummy
-- holds own milk bottle while eating
-- can pull headband off head
-- play peek a boo
-- looks for stuff that become hidden

-- Sleeping on her belly
-- squealing (especially when Mommy or Daddy do it back to you)
-- jumping in jumperoo (you get some serious bounce)
-- watching Dr. Phil (he apparently has a mesmerizing voice)
-- watching other kids play
-- being outside
-- kicking toys
-- hearing butterfly squeak
-- checking self out in mirror

I'm sure there's more you're doing. I need to be better about writing them down when they happen because even though I have a good memory, I know I forget some stuff. I'm loving being Lainey's Mom and look forward to watching her grow. Hopefully more slowly though. :) LOVE YOU LAINEY JO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Princess Lainey

Simply gorgeous

Grandma and Lainey

Bathtime is so much better sitting in a duck

Shala with Lainey 6 months

Lainey and Mommy

Monday, September 5, 2011


Saturday was a big day for Lainey. Not only did she eat sweet potatoes for the first time but she also got to watch her first OU game! She had great anticipation much of the day. She wore her first OU shirt proudly. I'm pretty sure she even said "Sooners". :) She was so pumped for the game but by the time it started, she was so busy playing with her toys and in her jumperoo that she didn't watch much of it. Then she started getting sleepy, so off for her bath, fed and then to bed...all before half time. On Sunday morning I informed her that the Sooners opened the season with a win, which made her smile. She then suggested they move future game times up to about 5pm so she can watch all of it!

Lainey and Mommy

Lainey and Daddy

Looper Fam!

Sweet potatoes....yum!!

Lainey had her first encounter with veggies this past Saturday. First up, sweet potatoes. She did great! She liked them and kept most of it in her mouth! :) I can't believe my little baby is big enough to eat solids. Time is moving so quickly!! Sniff. Sniff. Tear.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

5 months

Another month has gone by and my sweet Lainey bug is now 5 months old! That's a whole hand people!! I can't believe it. Everyone said it goes by fast, I just didn't realize how fast! I look at Lainey and can't believe how much bigger she is than when she was born. My little snuggle bunny just keeps growing bigger and bigger!
We had a major milestone a few weeks ago that was really hard on me. I went back to work. After 4 1/2 wonderful months of staying home with Lainey every day, I returned to my job. The first day was really hard. I started crying before I even got out the front door to leave. But I kept myself busy working in my classroom so the day went by quickly and before I knew it, I was picking her up and taking her home. That evening completely revolved around Lainey. Jeremy and I both just sat with her, stared at her, played with her and loved on her. It's amazing we took time long enough to eat. As time has gone by, it's gotten easier to not be with her during the day. It just makes the evenings that much more special getting to spend time with her. Of course this means we'll rarely have clean clothes or a clean house because we're too busy playing with her to do that during the evening but oh well. :) Alright, now for the Lainey stats.

weight: 14 lbs 3 oz (this was weight from doctor a couple of weeks ago so probably a little higher)
length: 26 3/4" (taken by me...probably not accurate)
-eats about 5 - 5 1/2 oz
-has added rice cereal to her diet. Most of the time, the majority of it ends up on her face and bib :)
-sleeps from 9pm-7am LOVE THIS!!!!!

Lainey's resume'
-rolls from back to tummy -- only going to her right, working on rolling the other way. Also still working on rolling to back from tummy, tends to get stuck on tummy
-can sit up unassisted for a good period of time!!!
-can jump rather aggressively while in jumperoo
-grabs toys and holds
-reaches for items (especially ones not meant for her)
-takes binky out of mouth and can put back in all on her own
-saying "eeeeooo" "mamamamma" "iiii", "bbrrrrr", grunts, blows raspberries
-squeals (Loudly!)
-looks for people if hide behind something
-starting to play peek a boo
-can push self up while on tummy
-grabs toes

Lainey's guilty pleasures:
-looking at books
-being sung to
-watching tv...still
-watching mommy or daddy dance around
-listening to music
-sitting at table and reaching for plates
-grabbing your toes
-being outside
-playing with roll & crawl ball

You are the most wonderful baby. I am loving watching you grow and watching you discover the world around you. I LOVE YOU BUNCHES!!!

Caden and Lainey chillaxin' in the pool

Lainey @ 5 mos. with Shala (look at the growth!)

Look at my big girl sittin all by herself!! And with a gorgeous smile too!!

Friday, July 29, 2011

4 months

My sweet Lainey bug you are now 4 months old! 1/3 of the way to a year! I can't believe it. Time is moving so quickly. We had your 4 month check up a couple of days ago and your stats were:
weight: 13 lbs 3 oz (43%)
length: 25 1/4 in. (83%)
head circumference: 15 1/2 ( 17%)
So it looks like you're long and skinny...hmm....

Some things you've accomplished in your short 4 months:
- eat 4.5 - 5 oz, although sometimes more
-sleep 10 hours a night!! :)
-smiling a lot, it's the best in the morning when I go and get you out of bed and as soon as you see me a big smile comes across your face. It's simply the best.
-grasping objects (can grab Mommy's hair very well)
-reaching for objects
-hold up head and chest while on tummy
-roll from back to side
-roll from back to tummy (you do this very well in your crib but many times you get stuck on your tummy)
-roll from tummy to back (haven't seen this yet but your Nana did)
-sit up in your bumbo
-sit up and play in your jumperoo
-stand up while being supported
-laughing aloud (brings me such joy to hear!)
-squeal with delight (girl, you got some lungs!)
-make awesome spit bubbles
-blow raspberries
-talking a lot, saying "oooo" (as in "moo"), hmmm (like a lil grunt), "maaaam", "eee" (short e sound), "eeeaahh", "iiyyiiyi"
-hold Mommy's hand and go from sitting to standing (sometimes)
-bring objects to your mouth and slobber all over them

Things you like:
-being outside
-sucking your fingers
- listening to Mommy sing
-watching tv w/dad
-being in your jumperoo
-looking at books
-grabbing objects
-dancing around with Mommy and Daddy
-looking at yourself in the mirror
-sitting up or standing
-facing out so you can see while your being held

Things you don't like:
-being by yourself
-cold water
-sitting in your car seat for too long
-loud, sudden noises

You are the best baby and I love you more and more each day. I am in such awe of you and love watching you explore and learn about your surroundings. I am so blessed to be your Mommy! I love you Lainey bug!

Lainey at 1 week w/Shala

Lainey at 4 mos w/Shala

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

1st time in pool

Well I am behind on blogging about a month behind. You had your first adventure in the pool at Nana and Pops' house on Tues June 28, 2011. It was a nice cool 100 degree weather day so we took you for a dip. You loved the water!! I was so impressed by how well you did. You just sat in the water while Mommy held you and look all around. You had some serious expressions every so often so I assume you were deeply analyzing this new world around you. Nana got out a rubber ducky and you would play with it. That is until you lost your grip and ducky would float away as you just watched helplessly. You stayed outside in the water for about an hour until Mommy got tired and was ready to dry off. I think you could have stayed longer. (Sorry I was such a wimp) Since then you've gotten in the pool two more times and have done just as well on those occassions. I hope this means you'll love the water and not be afraid of it and want to have lots of swim times!

The last few weeks

Here are the last few weeks in pictures. I really need to improve on my blogging!

Pretty girl


Nana and Lainey

Happy 4th of July!


Meeting Papa for the first time.

Tummy time!

Lainey and Mommy

Hanging and watching tv with Dad

Thursday, June 30, 2011

3 months

My sweet Lainey Jo, you turned 3 months on Saturday! I can't believe you are already 3 months old. Time is flying by!! You have changed so much in your short 3 months of life and I look forward to all the other changes you'll go through in the months to come. At 3 months you are:

*height: 24 1/4"
*weight: 10.5 lbs
- still breastfeeding and takes a bottle
-eating 4-4.5 oz
-burps often and well :)
-kidneys work well :)
-rolls from back to side and side to back
-hold head steady while sitting upright
-lifts head and holds steady while on tummy
-smile like crazy!! ADORABLE!!
-follow Mommy and Daddy through a room with your eyes
-focus on one object for a few seconds :)
-say "ah oo", "buuurrr (raspberry)", "hmmm", "errrr" (Typing out the sounds you make is difficult)
-laugh aloud (a beautiful sound)
-squeal with delight
-try really hard to sit up on your own

*measurements were taken by M. Looper. Accuracy is questionable.

Things you like:
-sitting up so you can see everything
-being held, facing out of course
-being "superbaby"
-flower picture on your wall
-Reggie the elephant - you like to chew on his trunk
-making raspberries which creates lots of spit bubbles
-looking in mirrors
-watching t.v. while sitting on your Daddy's lap
-being outside
-sucking on your fingers
-listening to Mommy read or sing
-laying on your changing table

Things you don't like:
-sitting in your car seat if not in a moving car (or sometimes at all)
-wearing tight clothing ( fit a few days ago!)
-being left by yourself for too long
-sudden loud noises (usually makes you jump)

You are the most beautiful, wonderful, lovable, sweetest, cutest baby in the world and I am so thankful to have you as my daughter. I love you Lainey bug!

First time in bumbo

Enjoying your blanket

I love this face!!

My precious baby

Thursday, June 23, 2011

2 months

Just waiting on cousin Caden to get here!

Yay! Caden's almost here!

Caden and I have big feet!

Watch out for the falling drool!

Momma Reese holding me :)

Cameran loving on me too!

I'm not happy about Aubrey moving away...

Well Miss Lainey -- your stats from 2 month check up:

weight: 9 lbs 13 oz (24 %ile)

height: 22 3/4 inches (67 %ile)

head circumference: 14.5 inches (8 %ile)

At 2 months you were smiling at us and making "coo" & "aha" sounds, which we absolutely love! You could hold you head up well, just getting better every day. You started sleeping in your crib at 9 weeks, which I was kinda sad about because that meant you were no longer in the same room as me. But you did great the first night and have continued to do so ever since. You are sleeping a good 8 hours straight every night (YAY!) with some naps here and there during the day. You really recognize your daddy and me, which is so awesome to have you smile at us when you see us! The best part is in the mornings when I go to get you out of your bed and I don't even say anything; I just look at you and wait for you to see me and when you do, the biggest smile comes across your face. It's amazing.

During your second month of life you discovered your fingers. And you discovered that you really enjoy sucking on them, especially the middle and ring fingers together. You look so cute doing it but it makes your daddy and I nervous about letting you continue to do it (don't want to create a bad habit that becomes hard to break).

You continue to grow more and more every day, learning new things and just being the most awesomest, bestest, beautifulest, lovingest, cutest baby in the whole wide world!!! Mommy loves you sweet Lainey bug!