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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

6 months!!!!

My sweet, precious, wonderful Lainey Jo is 6 months old!!!! That's half way to 1 year!!! I cannot believe she's already 6 months old! TIme is literally flying by! Someone please make it stop. NOW!! I am loving the stage she's in right. She is much more interactive and really takes in the environment around her. Yesterday we had her 6 month check up with the doc and things are looking good. She's healthy (still currently has a cough, remnants of a pesky cold :( ) and her skills are top notch. She got some shots during the check up, 4 to be exact, and she was such a trooper. She cried some while receiving the shots but I picked her up once they were over and she stopped crying. Then she talked to me and her Nana most of the way home. I can only assume letting us know her displeasure for the shots. Her stats are:

weight: 15 lbs 5 oz (35 %ile)
height: 27 in. (90 %ile)
head circumference: 16 in. (12 %ile)
eating: breastmilk, formula, rice cereal, sweet potatoes, green beans, squash, peas (tried carrots this evening....wasn't a fan)
sleeping: 9pm-7am (Bless you child!)

New tricks:
-- rolling all over the place! But once she's done rolling, she's done
-- sitting up without support (not completely new but can sit longer without tumbling over)
-- sitting up from a reclined position
-- puts binky in & out of mouth on her own
-- moves things from one hand to the other
-- grasps well and quick (got orange juice spilled on me this morning....)
-- lunges forward
-- rotates body while on tummy
-- holds own milk bottle while eating
-- can pull headband off head
-- play peek a boo
-- looks for stuff that become hidden

-- Sleeping on her belly
-- squealing (especially when Mommy or Daddy do it back to you)
-- jumping in jumperoo (you get some serious bounce)
-- watching Dr. Phil (he apparently has a mesmerizing voice)
-- watching other kids play
-- being outside
-- kicking toys
-- hearing butterfly squeak
-- checking self out in mirror

I'm sure there's more you're doing. I need to be better about writing them down when they happen because even though I have a good memory, I know I forget some stuff. I'm loving being Lainey's Mom and look forward to watching her grow. Hopefully more slowly though. :) LOVE YOU LAINEY JO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Princess Lainey

Simply gorgeous

Grandma and Lainey

Bathtime is so much better sitting in a duck

Shala with Lainey 6 months

Lainey and Mommy

Monday, September 5, 2011


Saturday was a big day for Lainey. Not only did she eat sweet potatoes for the first time but she also got to watch her first OU game! She had great anticipation much of the day. She wore her first OU shirt proudly. I'm pretty sure she even said "Sooners". :) She was so pumped for the game but by the time it started, she was so busy playing with her toys and in her jumperoo that she didn't watch much of it. Then she started getting sleepy, so off for her bath, fed and then to bed...all before half time. On Sunday morning I informed her that the Sooners opened the season with a win, which made her smile. She then suggested they move future game times up to about 5pm so she can watch all of it!

Lainey and Mommy

Lainey and Daddy

Looper Fam!

Sweet potatoes....yum!!

Lainey had her first encounter with veggies this past Saturday. First up, sweet potatoes. She did great! She liked them and kept most of it in her mouth! :) I can't believe my little baby is big enough to eat solids. Time is moving so quickly!! Sniff. Sniff. Tear.