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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

7 months

My sweet Lainey Jo you are now 7 months! Time is flying by so quickly! Your stats:

*length: 27 " (I'm thinking you're a little longer cuz this was your measurement last month)
*weight: 16 lbs 14 oz
*eating: formula, some breast milk (no longer nursing :(, using what's left), rice cereal, squash, sweet potatoes, green beans, carrots, mixed veggies (only way you get peas), bananas, apples, pears, pears/pineapple, and other fruit medleys
*sleeping: 8:30/9pm - 7/7:45am, you get at least 10 hours a night sometimes more :) :)
*teeth: you have 2!! The bottom front (we're thinking you're working on some more)
*movement: rolling back and forth all over the place. I call you my rolly poley. You can also get into crawling position and move backwards, but can't quite crawl forward yet. You work very hard at it and get frustrated that you can't do it.
*you reach for stuff constantly. We have to keep things at a distance or you'll get your hands on them quick!
*because you move so much, we usually find you in a different spot in your crib every morning. Usually it's right up against the side wall. Sometimes you've even turned 180 degrees, facing the completely opposite direction.
*you love going to Miss Mel's house and playing with the other kids. Everytime I drop you off in the morning, you immediately check out what everyone else is doing. I have a hard time getting a kiss from you because you act like I'm just in your sad. Although I am glad that you enjoy where you spend 3 days a week!
*you scrunch your nose when you smile....absolutely love it!
*you're talking much more, mostly babababa, ahhhhh, grunting, squealing, and giggles. We're still working on Mama :)
*you like sitting on the bed while Mommy or Daddy falls down on the bed making you bounce. You just laugh and laugh at this!
*You get very serious when you're playing with you toys. It's like you are studying them intensely to learn everything you can about them. It's so fun to watch.
*You don't like being left alone in a room. You can handle it sometimes for a few minutes (more likely in the mornings rather than the evenings) but usually start crying as soon as everyone leaves
*You enjoy looking at books. You especially like the sound of your hand rubbing down the pages, making a nice squeaky sound
*You really enjoy typing on keyboards and you're somehow able to find all the buttons that exit out of programs
*Not a fan of getting boogers sucked out of your nose....sorry dear
*You do really well during bath time, just hang out with Mr. Duck
*You like having water put in your mouth from a straw
*You've tried a sippy cup but not quite sure how to use it yet
*You hold your softy to your face when you're tired, the sweetest thing ever!
*You enjoy playing peek a boo and will lean to the side trying to see whoever is hiding

You are learning and growing so quickly and it just amazes me. Each month is full of new adventures, excitements, firsts, and complete joy. I love having you in my life and couldn't imagine life without you. You are the most precious blessing and I love you so much!!


Lainey w/Shala @ 7 months

Hey guys!

Love this face!!