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Monday, January 2, 2012

9 months!

Holy moly Lainey bug!! You. Are. 9. Months!!! that's 75% to a full year! Oh my goodness time is flying by and you're growing so much! You are a crawling machine!! You crawl everywhere. If Daddy or I leave the room, you crawl after us. Sometimes I've left the room without you noticing and when you did, I could hear you start to cry and go look for me. Once you see my face again, you raise your arms up for me to pick you up. I love to see you lift your arms towards me. I might even, perhaps, at times, have left the room just so I can come back and have you lift your arms towards me.....
Not only are you a crawler but you can also pull yourself up to a standing position. When you first started this, you weren't able to stand very long, but now you can stand for quite some time and pretty steadily too. Watching you do this just amazes me because it wasn't that long ago, you were just a little bug all snuggled up in my arms. Now you just want to be down and moving. All the time. Moving. You're definitely a goer and I feel you're going to keep us very busy once you figure out the walking thing. Which btw, you can hold off on that for awhile...I really don't mind. For now let's just enjoy crawling after one another while we take laps around the couch. :)
Since you're such a goer, we had a nice moment earlier in the month. When it's time for you to nap, you prefer to just be laid down. I tried so hard to make sure you can be laid down and fall alseep on your own that I never really held you while you napped. So now that I don't see you all day because I'm at work, it would be nice to occassionally snuggle with you while you sleep. But no. However, in the evening on Dec. 8th, you were very tired because you didn't nap well at Ms. Mel's house earlier in the day, after dinner, I rocked you in the recliner and you took a nap. It was only a 30 minute power nap but it was pure bliss. I loved getting to just hold you while you slept. Your face is so peaceful and you just look so angelic. It was a great feeling! Thanks baby girl! :)

So here are your stats for 9 months:
length: 28 1/2" (Measured by Mom, more than likely not accurate)
weight: 21 lbs. (measured by Mom, more than likely not accurate)
sleeps: 8:30/9pm - 7/7:30 (although while on Christmas break, you've slept in til 8 a couple of times :) )
eats: a lot! You're up to 8 oz on your bottles (most of the time) and you eat about 4-6oz of solid food at each meal. You're still just eating cereal, fruits and veggies. We've tried some foods with meat in it but you're not a fan.
wears: 9 mos clothing but need to be in 12 mo. It's just hard for me to accept the fact that you're big enough to wear 12 mo. clothing.... :( So big.

Favorite things:
-crawling around the couch
-crawling b/w chair and table
-playing with car seat
-anything musical - you like to bounce to the music
-clapping! You did start clapping this month and you enjoy it
-giving high fives - you're not consistent with this but you're getting better
-tags on anything. You like playing with the tag on your pillow pet, on clothing, anything
-funny noises made by Mommy and Daddy
-mimicing funny noises made by Mommy and Daddy
-pulling books out of their bin
-moving around during diaper changes......not cool
-playing with other kids. When there's another little person around you just stare at him/her
-playing with Caden. You still love on him rough, but he's starting to fight back some. One day he's going to take you down.
-Poking faces. You usually find an eye socket and your finger up a nose.....need to work on this
-talking. Your chattering has greatly increased. I look forward to your first word.
-singing. You sing with Mommy in the car and usually during dinner too

Not only did you turn 9 months but you had your first Christmas too! You had a great 1st Christmas with all of your wonderful family! We spent time in Duncan with the Looper family, then came back to spend time with the Sutherlin family and the finale was with the Ingram family. You had some busy days with family. You were showered with so much love, attention and gifts! Little girl you are truly blessed and you got more gifts than I could imagine! You weren't really into opening all those gifts. Your Daddy and I did most of the work. But it was fun to watch you none the less, especially after a gift was opened that lit up or made noise. Once you had something musical you were done. I can't believe your first Christmas has come and gone and you're 9 months old. I've already starting thinking about your (sniff ) 1st Birthday. It's absolutely crazy how fast time goes, especially when we're having so much fun with you!! You are such a blessing and I feel more whole with you here. I love you SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much sugar bear!!



Nana and Lainey @ Christmas

Caden, Aunt Lori & Lainey @ Christmas

Lainey, Jaiden, Caden, Jarreth, Will and the legs of several adults

Daddy, Lainey & Mommy

Cousin Love! Will, Lainey & Ryan

Sweet Lainey bug!!

Looper fam! Grandpa, Daddy, Lainey, Mommy, Aunt Brooke, Grandma, Aunt Julie, Uncle Derek

Lainey and her laptop.Once this was opened, she was done

Lainey and Mommy

Huh? I have to open all of these?

I'm tired. It's bed time.

Daddy and Lainey reading....awwww....

I can help you load the dishwasher!!