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Friday, July 6, 2012

15 months

 Well Lainey bug you are now 15 months old. Time is just flying by!! We went for your check-up last week and your stats were:
length/height: 31 1/2" (82%)
weight: 23 lbs (75%)
head circumference: 17 1/4" (9%)

Other stats:
Sleeping: 8:30-7
   Favorites: bananas, red grapes, applesauce, strawberries, blueberries, yogurt, kiwis, scrambled egg, bread/toast, avocados, sweet potatoes, mac n cheese, corn, fruit loops, string cheese
   Tolerates: turkey, chicken nuggets, green beans, chicken deli meat
   Not a fan: milk, hamburger, smoked ham, oranges
Words: You jabber all the time which I don't always know what you're saying but I know it's important. Some words you know well are Mama/Mom, Dada, more, please, thank you, hi, bye, night-night, book, Nana, Pops, eat, bite, yes, no, wa wa (water), wa baba (Water bottle), up, amen, eese (cheese), ball, B (binky), uh-oh and there are so many other words we're working on.

You are still as independent as ever, with an ever growing stubbornness...not sure where you got this trait......but other than that you are still as sweet, loving, funny, silly, smart, curious, cautious, observant, determined, kind, giving, and wonderful as ever! I am amazed by you every day at the things you have learned and absorbed! You learn so quickly and have a great memory. There is so much we can say to you that understand and it's simply amazing!!
You like to stay busy. You will move from one toy to another. Sometimes you will go off and play by yourself but you aren't gone long and you eventually toddle back to be with your people. Right now you're really into things that twist and turn, like lids on water bottles. You like for someone to remove the lid and then you work so hard to get it back on. You still love to play outside. We don't go out a lot because it's been so hot but when we do you're just happy to be out. Daddy let you play in the sprinkler the other night and you had a blast. You would make the funniest faces when the water hit your face.
 As you can see from above picture, you like to climb. On more than one occasion I have come out of the kitchen from fixing a meal to find you standing in the dining chair. The first time I was very surprised but then also intrigued on how you did it. You were really trying to get into your high chair from the dining chair because you were ready to eat. Luckily you weren't able to accomplish that....yet! You are also able to climb onto the hearth.....

I am so thankful it's summertime right now and I get to spend extra time with you. You keep me busy and on my toes but you're so much fun!! I love that we can play together, read together, and you understand some of what I'm saying. You the best thing that has ever happened to me and I'm so glad God blessed me with you. You bring joy and happiness to my life every day and I can't imagine life without you. I love you Lainey Jo!!