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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Family of Four

November?! November?! I haven't blogged since November?! Man I am really bad at this blogging thing! I need to get better at it! (I think I've said this before...)

Well a lot has happened since November, the big one being we are now a family of four! Lainey is a big sister to a sweet, precious little girl named Londyn Beth. Yes I have two precious little girls. It's been wonderful, crazy at times, but I wouldn't trade my little girls for anything! The story:

Last summer Jeremy and I talked about having another child. We knew we wanted another one and wanted them to be fairly close in age. It took about a year to get pregnant with Lainey so we decided we would go ahead and get off birth control (around end of May 2012) and just see what happens. If it took about another year to conceive + pregnancy, that's a little over a year and a half, Lainey would be about 3, which sounded good. On July 13, Lainey and I were hanging out with Michelle and the boys, (they were teaching me to kick a soccer ball because I can't) and I just felt like I needed to take a pregnancy test that day. I had some things happen that made me suspicious. 1. I went for a run a few days earlier and did TERRIBLY! I was ddrrraaggggiinggg. 2. My hip had hurt some and it reminded me of how it hurt when pregnant with Lainey. 3. My stomach felt as though it had pooched out a bit. When I got home later that day, I took a pregnancy test and it was positive. I had never gotten a positive pregnancy test before so I wanted to take another one just in case. I went to the store later that evening after Jeremy got home and bought another one. It was positive. Holy cow!!!! We were going to have another baby! And it happened so fast this time. No waiting a year. Happened first month. Oh my. 

This is the picture we sent to Jeremy's family, letting them know we were pregnant.

I had another smooth pregnancy as far as how I felt. Around 29 weeks, we went for an ultrasound and Londyn measured small. To be cautious, I started Non-stress tests twice so the doctors could monitor Londyn's growth more closely. I continued with the NSTs til the end of pregnancy, well til 38 weeks when I was induced. Londyn continued to measure small throughout the rest of pregnancy so they wanted to get her out as soon as possible. So on February 27, 2013, my life changed once again.

Monday, November 26, 2012

20 months

Well I have been a complete slacker at blogging! Last time I blogged, my baby girl was 15 months and here we are 5 months later!! I can't believe my itty bitty 6 lb baby is now 20 months old!! We are just a mere 4 months away from the (gasp!) 2nd birthday!! Ok I can't go there yet so I will just try to update on what my love bug has been doing the past five months.

One thing that I hear from many people is how verbal you are. You are a talker and you learn new words quickly. Your Daddy and I have to be careful of even the littlest things that we say because you're bound to repeat it. I am thankful that you can communicate so well because it cuts down on frustration being able to understand one another. I wanted to make a list of everything you have said but I think I would leave so much out that the list would be inaccurate.

You are also such a little sponge. You have learned so much about the world around you. When we're outside, you'll notice dogs barking or an airplane flying just by hearing their sounds. You are very observant too. You'll notice the smallest things while we're driving and I'm just amazed at what you know. One thing you like to point out at night time is the moon. You like to find it in the sky and say "Mommy mommy, the moon!" I love to see you get so excited about the smallest things. You have such joy when you discover something new and it's amazing to watch. You've also become a master at putting your shape blocks in the correct holes. You do it so quickly and with such ease. You've even started naming some of the shapes when asked what they are.

Another thing you've learned to do is count. You can count to ten all by yourself!!!! It is so cute to hear your sweet voice counting from one to ten. You like to count the ladybugs in your ladybug book, count blocks, and your chicken nuggets or any other food on your plate. I am just so amazed at your ability to do that!

You still love to read. There have even been times when you've skipped going outside while at day care to stay inside and read. I love how much you enjoy books and I really hope that it continues. We look at a lot of books where we have to find specific objects. You are awesome at finding them. One book you like to read is the "goldbug" book at Nana and Pops' house. On each page, Goldbug is hidden somewhere. You have become so fast at finding Goldbug and remembering where he is on each page, that you can find them faster than you're Pops!! I'm super proud at your searching and memory skills.

You still like being outside too. While outside you like to swing and go down slides. Even if you don't get to do either one of those things, you just enjoy being outside. The other day you went to the park with Nana, CiCi and Caden. When it was time to go back inside you said, "no. walk." All you wanted to do was stay outside and just walk around. So you stayed outside in the cold and walked around for a few more minutes. I love that you enjoy being outside so much and hopefully that continues too!

Your personality is shining through more and more everyday. You are a lot like your Mommy was when she was little (according to others). You are an independent girl who likes to do things for herself. I'll ask you if you want help and you'll say, "Lainey do it" or "Lainey turn". So I sit there and wait for you to complete the task or finally ask for help. You are also particular about how some things go. You have to have your cup in the cup holder on the tray of your high chair. Sometimes your Daddy will move the cup just to see what you do. You notice quickly that it's been moved and put it back in its place. I too believe that everything has a place and should be kept/put back in its place. :)

You are also a very funny girl. You make some of the funniest faces! Sometimes when I'm trying to get on to you, I have to hide my smile because the face you give me is too funny. One thing that gets to me is when I'm getting on to you and I ask you to look me in the eyes, you then proceed to get right up in my face, putting your forehead up against mine with our noses touching as well. It's hard to remain serious and stern sometimes when you do this because it's just too cute. But I do appreciate you looking at my eyes.

You are also a very sweet girl. You like to take care of your baby dolls and are such a good 'mommy'. You rock them or pat them and say "it's ok baby". It is so precious to watch and I know that you're going to be such a good big sister. You also show concern if I'm upset. If you see me crying or if I look sad, you'll come up to me and ask me if I'm ok and you always have so much concern on your face.

I could go on and on about you as there is so much to say about you. I am truly amazed by you and so thankful I get to me your Mommy. I cherish all the time we have together. I look forward to watching you continue to grow (although you could slow down a bit on growing because it's happening too fast!) and seeing what new things you discover and learn. I love you more than anything Lainey bug!!!! You are my sunshine!!

Friday, July 6, 2012

15 months

 Well Lainey bug you are now 15 months old. Time is just flying by!! We went for your check-up last week and your stats were:
length/height: 31 1/2" (82%)
weight: 23 lbs (75%)
head circumference: 17 1/4" (9%)

Other stats:
Sleeping: 8:30-7
   Favorites: bananas, red grapes, applesauce, strawberries, blueberries, yogurt, kiwis, scrambled egg, bread/toast, avocados, sweet potatoes, mac n cheese, corn, fruit loops, string cheese
   Tolerates: turkey, chicken nuggets, green beans, chicken deli meat
   Not a fan: milk, hamburger, smoked ham, oranges
Words: You jabber all the time which I don't always know what you're saying but I know it's important. Some words you know well are Mama/Mom, Dada, more, please, thank you, hi, bye, night-night, book, Nana, Pops, eat, bite, yes, no, wa wa (water), wa baba (Water bottle), up, amen, eese (cheese), ball, B (binky), uh-oh and there are so many other words we're working on.

You are still as independent as ever, with an ever growing stubbornness...not sure where you got this trait......but other than that you are still as sweet, loving, funny, silly, smart, curious, cautious, observant, determined, kind, giving, and wonderful as ever! I am amazed by you every day at the things you have learned and absorbed! You learn so quickly and have a great memory. There is so much we can say to you that understand and it's simply amazing!!
You like to stay busy. You will move from one toy to another. Sometimes you will go off and play by yourself but you aren't gone long and you eventually toddle back to be with your people. Right now you're really into things that twist and turn, like lids on water bottles. You like for someone to remove the lid and then you work so hard to get it back on. You still love to play outside. We don't go out a lot because it's been so hot but when we do you're just happy to be out. Daddy let you play in the sprinkler the other night and you had a blast. You would make the funniest faces when the water hit your face.
 As you can see from above picture, you like to climb. On more than one occasion I have come out of the kitchen from fixing a meal to find you standing in the dining chair. The first time I was very surprised but then also intrigued on how you did it. You were really trying to get into your high chair from the dining chair because you were ready to eat. Luckily you weren't able to accomplish that....yet! You are also able to climb onto the hearth.....

I am so thankful it's summertime right now and I get to spend extra time with you. You keep me busy and on my toes but you're so much fun!! I love that we can play together, read together, and you understand some of what I'm saying. You the best thing that has ever happened to me and I'm so glad God blessed me with you. You bring joy and happiness to my life every day and I can't imagine life without you. I love you Lainey Jo!!

Friday, May 25, 2012

14 months & Mother's Day

My sweet Lainey bug you are now 14 months old! Officially a toddler. Running all over the place. Climbing on everything. It still doesn't seem real sometimes that you're as big as you are. Especially since meeting cousin Braden and seeing how tiny he is, knowing you too were once that small. Sigh.....
Some updates on you:
Teeth: Dear goodness they're all coming at once! I believe you're up to 10!!!
Food: Still love to eat, especially what the big people are eating. You have become more opinionated about what you eat, resulting in some battles, which so far, you've lost them all. :)
Sleeping: Like a champ!
Clothes: Wearing 12 -18 mos, size 4 shoes
Talking: YES! You chatter all the time (got that from the Looper side :) ) Some words you clearly say are bye-bye, hey, more, peas (please), yes, no, ball, dada, mama, eat, and nana. You know you can say more but we just haven't figured it out yet. You really get to talking if you're unhappy about something. Your tone even changes to a whine and you have a sad, pathetic look on your face. It's pretty cute.
Dance: You love to dance. Anytime you hear music (or at least music you like) you start dancing. Recently your dancing has involved spinning in circles over and over until you're unsteady and fall down.
 Personality: Is showing more and more. You're onrey and a ham. You crack yourself up sometimes with your sillyness. I wonder where you get it???

A couple of weeks ago we celebrated Mother's Day. I love celebrating this day because all the wonderful moms out there get to be honored, I get to honor my Mom and now I get to celebrate being your Mommy. I absolutely LOVE being your Mommy!! You're the most amazing gift I have ever received and can't imagine my life without you!! I love you more and more every day!!

In the evening on Mother's Day, the three of us went to the park for dinner and playtime. You love being outside and had a blast. You just walked around for awhile exploring. Then we put you on the swing where you stared at observed the girl next to us. The. Whole. Time. I kept trying to take your picture but you wouldn't stop looking at her.

After the swing, we all walked around some more. Then we tried out the car. You sat in it and pretended to drive it but you were really just observing some more people. You definitely like to take in your surroundings before you jump into something.

Now it's summer break and I get to spend more time with you!! I'm very excited about it!! You are such a wonderful little girl and we are blessed to have you! I love you Lainey bug!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

1 year

Well now that you're a week away from being 13 months, I guess I should blog about you turning 1 year old!!!! Holy cow you're a year. One. Whole. Year. That is jsut completely crazy. I can't believe it. It is so amazing to see how much you've grown this year. You went from a tiny baby doll that slept on my chest to a mobile, talkative, funny, girl that takes up my whole lap. It has been so much fun (and sad) to watch you grow. I look at pictures of you from your first few days of life and you're just so small. I tear up every time I look at them. As much as I miss you being so sweet and tiny, it's been amazing watching you grow and learn new things. You are the light of my life and you make me smile every day. You melt my heart and I love you so much!!! This year has been truly wonderful and I look forward to what all you will do and learn the next year!

length: 30"
weight: 20 lbs 5 oz
head circumference: 17"
these are from your 1 yr check up on Mar. 28
-eating: table foods. You still love your fruits, especially bananas, strawberries, blueberries and grapes. You ate vegetables well as baby food but have been slow to eat them as table food. You eat green beans and most recently have eaten carrots and sweet potatoes (both cooked in brown sugar...)
-bottles: At your 1 yr check up, you were still getting a bottle with formula in the morning and before bed. A few days after your 1 yr check up, after we ran out of formula, we took away your morning bottle and switched to cow's milk. We used whole milk, but it made you gag so we diluted it. We're still diluting it. You refuse to drink milk from a sippy cup and since we took away your morning bottle, the only time you drink milk is from your bottle before bed. We will soon be taking that away as well. I'm very nervous for that day......
-sleeping: You still sleep like a champion! You sleep from 8/8:30-7/7:30 every night!! Most days you still take 2 naps, although there are days when you skip your morning nap. I was not okay with this at first but now I am. So long as you get your afternoon nap Mommy's happy.
-words: the words you can say are 'please', 'more', 'dada', 'momma', 'yeah', 'eat' and 'milk'. It seemed like you said 'banana the other morning, which came out 'ba na' cute (P.S. you have the sweetest little voice ever!!)
-teeth: 2 on bottom and 2 on top

All about Lainey:
-Still love to look at books. I really hope this stays with you for a long time!
-Love being outside. I'm glad it's staying lighter longer and warming up so we can spend evenings outside.
-Climber --- not sure where you acquired this activity. You really like to climb into your car seat. You can even get yourself turned around to sit in it the correct way.
-Big helper --- really like to help unload the dishwasher and take clothes out of the laundry basket
-Independent -- Like to do things by yourself and you get upset if you can't
-love music -- there are certain songs from certain toys that you like to listen to over and over
-you have a favorite video (Nursery rhymes) that you love to watch. You like to pull the dvds off the shelf until you find your video, then you keep saying 'please' until we put it on
-social -- you love to be around other kids. Every time I drop you off at Ms. Mel's house, I can barely get you to even wave bye to me because you're already busy playing with everyone.
-walker -- you can walk very quickly around the house pushing your walker. And as of 2 nights ago, you started walking all by yourself!! I knew you had it in you to walk alone but you still wanted to hold a hand for security. Now that've done it, you've gained more confidence and are walking all alone more and more. You'll still crawl sometimes but once you reach the couch or something else to pull yourself up on, you take off walking again. I love watching your little self toddle around the room. You have the biggest smile on your face as you do it (or you stick out your tongue).
-Dental hygienist -- you've started brushing your own teeth some. Some days you let me do it, some days you do it all by yourself and some days you want nothing to do with it.
-bathtime -- love bath time. Especially sticking your hands under the water while it's running.
-Family -- you do a good job recognizing your family. We'll say 'where's _____' and you turn until you find them. It's so neat to watch!
-observer -- you like to take in your surroundings before you do something, esp. meeting someone new (which isn't a bad thing)
-comedienne -- you like to joke with Mommy and Daddy. We'll ask you to have something that you're holding and you'll pretend to give it to us and then pull it back. You think that's pretty funny.
-lover -- you love loving on your baby doll. You'll hold it, hug it and give it kisses. It is so sweet to watch you do this. You also give the best kisses to Mommy and Daddy. We love them!!

You are just the most amazing thing in this world!! I love you so much and am so thankful I get to be your Mommy!! I love you my sweet Lainey Jo!!!!

"Why are you all singing to me?"
"Hmm.. this cake stuff is interesting..."
"I guess I'll try some"

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

11 months

Well my sweet Lainey you are now 11 months old!! I can't believe it. In a few short weeks we will reach a huge milestone. I'm not going to talk about it anymore because I'll start crying. Instead I will talk about what you've been up to lately. First your stats:
Length: 31" (taken by Mommy while you were sleeping....accuracy questionable)
weight: 22 lbs (really just an estimate. Have no idea. Will find out at the end of the month at your checkup)
eats: formula upon waking, before going to bed and some during the day. Other than that it's people food. A few weeks ago you decided you were done with baby food and only wanted big people food. Just another way you show me how much you're growing and you're not my itty bitty baby doll anymore.
sleeping: You're still an excellent sleeper. 8/8:30pm-7/7:15am, with an afternoon nap and sometimes a morning nap too. Your morning naps these days are very sporatic!
teeth: Two on bottom and the top left has broken through! The top right is almost through.
Lainey bug you are growing so much! You now talk and babble all the time. I don't know if you've actually said any real words yet although there have been many times where it sounds like it. So maybe you have and I just am not realizing it. Your personality really shines these days too. You like to love on your stuff animals. Give them hugs and pat them, such a sweetie. But then you also have a slight temper and get upset easily if you can't do something. And then once your upset, it can take awhile for you to try again whatever it is that made you upset. Apparently you like to do things perfectly and have things go exactly your way. Hmmm.....
You still like your books and pointing to things in the book. You actually like to point to anything and everything. As soon as you get up in the morning, you're pointing at something. The window, decor, mobile, anything. It's like you just want to soak up the world around you and everything in it. You still really enjoy music. When you play with a turn that has music, you usually dance along, which usually consists of swaying back and forth or sometimes with some bouncing.
You're not a fan of being left. You will play by yourself as long as someone is in the same room as you. But if that person leaves, you whine and crawl after them. You're a people person and like to be with your people. Your crawling as picked up some speed too. If I do leave a room, it doesn't take long for you to have found me and be right at my feet. We've worked on walking but you still prefer to crawl. You'll walk around the room so long as you're holding someone's hands. You also walk around the room with your walker, but you get frustrated with it once it hits something and you can't get turned around in it easily.
Something relatively new for you is you've learned to climb into things. You like to climb into your car seat and rock back and forth in it. You also have figured out how to climb into your Mr. Duck that's used for bathtime as well as the laundry basket. You can really only climb into the laundry basket when it has clothes in it, otherwise if it's empty, it's too light and tumbles over, causing you to become upset.
So apparently in a few short weeks, you aren't supposed to have bottles anymore and we should be weening you off of them. Therefore you should be using sippy cups. However you don't . You're not a fan of them. Here within the last week or so, you've started using a sippy cup with a straw more and more but any other kind you just bite on and then throw down. I supposed we'll continue to work on this. Things could get rough once the bottles are gone.

You my dear are not a fan of being told 'no'. You will whine, get a really sad, pathetic look on your face and do a fake cry. It's really quite pitiful and not sure where you came up with this. I mean, it's kinda cute, but mostly just pathetic. I mean I guess a small fake cry is better than an all out tantrum so I should be careful what I wish for.
You love to wrestle. I assume this is from watching the boys at day care and perhaps participating with them. If your daddy or I lay down on the floor at home, it usually doesn't take long for you to crawl over and get on top of us. You also like to do this to your poor, innocent cousin, Caden. Playing with him consists of you mauling him to the ground. It's a good thing he's so laid back. Although, I foresee a retaliation in your future sweet darling.
Oh something else you enjoy is watching Signing Times and your Nursery rhymes video. Everytime either one of those are you, you just stare with enthrallment. When Signing Times is on, you start moving your hands along with them. You can use the signs "more" and "milk" and we're working on "please". When Nursery Rhymes is on you literally will stop what you're doing and just stare. Depending on the song, you'll sway back and forth with the music. You also like to hold the case the dvd goes in and you'll point to the bear on the tv and then point to the same bear on the case. You're basically a genius, plain and simple. :) You've also started peek-a-boo where you'll cover your own eyes. Then we say "where's Lainey" and you'll pull your hands off your eyes and we say "there you are". You just smile and do it again and again. It's the cutest thing. I love watching you learn new things and am amazed at how much you have learned. You are the sweetest, funniest, most wonderful baby in the world and I am so thankful I get to be your mommy. I love you more and more everyday!!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

10 months

My sweet Lainey Jo you are now 10 months old! That's 2 whole hands!!!! I can't believe it! Time is flying by soooooooooooooooo quickly! At your 9 month check up (on Jan. 10) your stats were:

height: 28 1/2" (73%ile)
weight: 19 lbs 5 oz (64%ile) (which means I was way off the past couple of months...whoops!)
head circumference: 17" (26%ile)

Still tall and thin but you've evened out some. Some other updates:

-eat a bigger variety of baby food. We've been given more stage 3 foods which have pieces of food in them and you're not quite sure about it. You struggle with it at times because you try to just swallow it and end up choking on the pieces. You've improved on it but still not quite the expert. And for the past week or so, you haven't been eating much baby food because you prefer people food and to feed yourself. It appears as though you're going to be Miss Independent. Hmmm....not sure who you got that from.
-You are talking so much more. At times it sounds more like you're saying sentences instead of just babble.
-You still sleep great at night. Sometimes you wake up whining if you can't find your binky and Dad or I have to go in there to retrieve binky for you.
-You are so mobile! You have a walker that you hold onto and walk around the living room. It makes me cry everytime you do because you look so big. My itty bitty is gone and it happened so fast. :(
-You're a very curious baby. You find something new and really check out and try to figure out it's use and purpose
-You're also very stubborn. You don't like being told "no" and every time you are, you let out this pathetic fake cry. It's pretty ridiculous.
-You love to point! You use your pointer finger for everything: looking at books, touching faces, playing with toys, pointing at anything, eating food and even gnawing on your pointer finger
-You still really enjoy reading books. I hope your love for books continues as you grow up!
-You love to get in the rocking chair and bounce your body, which makes the chair rock back and forth. Or you like for Mommy or Daddy to rock the chair back and forth while you're sitting it.
-You like to go over the side of furniture and then be flipped over to your back, sort of like you did a somersault. Afterwards you have the biggest smile on your face!
-You snuggle up more and more with your softie. It has definitely become your little sidekick and I'm wishing we had a back up in case something happens to it...
-You still don't like to be left alone in a room. If I leave the room you let out an "uuuhh" and come crawling after me
-You like to play in front of my mirrored closet door. You talk to the baby in the mirror and give her kisses (aka lick the mirror)
-Still not a fan of loud sudden noises, such as a sneeze...still makes you jump
-If a stranger (someone you're not familiar with, not literally a stranger) comes up and talks to you, you'll lay your head on my shoulder (or Daddy's if he's holding you). I guess you're being shy. Ithink it's really sweet :)
-You can no longer sit with us during church as it is very difficult for you to sit still and quiet for that long. So you get to enjoy bible class the entire time (until it's time for you to eat)
-You've started weening yourself off taking 2 naps a day, however I've continued to force you to have 2. I think you do better if you've had 2, even if your morning nap is for only 45 minutes
-You still prefer to fall asleep in your beds. You don't fall asleep if we're out and one of us is holding you. You either need your bed or to be in your car seat in a moving vehicle. I wish you would just snuggle up with me sometimes.
-We've been working on "what does a lion say?" and growling at you. You'll sometimes growl much fun!!

I know there's more that I'm forgetting because you're simply amazing and amaze me with something new everyday! You always turn my gray sky blue again and make me smile everyday! I love you more than I can express and I'm even tearing up as I write this. I still can't believe your mine and I get to help raise you. You are the simply the best!! I LOVE YOU LAINEY JO!!! MUAH!

Love XOXO,

Hanging out in toy chest

Checking out new walking toy
Loving on Shala

Aww...such a sweet baby
*please disregard the naked baby doll but for some reason Lainey prefers her that way :/ )

Monday, January 2, 2012

9 months!

Holy moly Lainey bug!! You. Are. 9. Months!!! that's 75% to a full year! Oh my goodness time is flying by and you're growing so much! You are a crawling machine!! You crawl everywhere. If Daddy or I leave the room, you crawl after us. Sometimes I've left the room without you noticing and when you did, I could hear you start to cry and go look for me. Once you see my face again, you raise your arms up for me to pick you up. I love to see you lift your arms towards me. I might even, perhaps, at times, have left the room just so I can come back and have you lift your arms towards me.....
Not only are you a crawler but you can also pull yourself up to a standing position. When you first started this, you weren't able to stand very long, but now you can stand for quite some time and pretty steadily too. Watching you do this just amazes me because it wasn't that long ago, you were just a little bug all snuggled up in my arms. Now you just want to be down and moving. All the time. Moving. You're definitely a goer and I feel you're going to keep us very busy once you figure out the walking thing. Which btw, you can hold off on that for awhile...I really don't mind. For now let's just enjoy crawling after one another while we take laps around the couch. :)
Since you're such a goer, we had a nice moment earlier in the month. When it's time for you to nap, you prefer to just be laid down. I tried so hard to make sure you can be laid down and fall alseep on your own that I never really held you while you napped. So now that I don't see you all day because I'm at work, it would be nice to occassionally snuggle with you while you sleep. But no. However, in the evening on Dec. 8th, you were very tired because you didn't nap well at Ms. Mel's house earlier in the day, after dinner, I rocked you in the recliner and you took a nap. It was only a 30 minute power nap but it was pure bliss. I loved getting to just hold you while you slept. Your face is so peaceful and you just look so angelic. It was a great feeling! Thanks baby girl! :)

So here are your stats for 9 months:
length: 28 1/2" (Measured by Mom, more than likely not accurate)
weight: 21 lbs. (measured by Mom, more than likely not accurate)
sleeps: 8:30/9pm - 7/7:30 (although while on Christmas break, you've slept in til 8 a couple of times :) )
eats: a lot! You're up to 8 oz on your bottles (most of the time) and you eat about 4-6oz of solid food at each meal. You're still just eating cereal, fruits and veggies. We've tried some foods with meat in it but you're not a fan.
wears: 9 mos clothing but need to be in 12 mo. It's just hard for me to accept the fact that you're big enough to wear 12 mo. clothing.... :( So big.

Favorite things:
-crawling around the couch
-crawling b/w chair and table
-playing with car seat
-anything musical - you like to bounce to the music
-clapping! You did start clapping this month and you enjoy it
-giving high fives - you're not consistent with this but you're getting better
-tags on anything. You like playing with the tag on your pillow pet, on clothing, anything
-funny noises made by Mommy and Daddy
-mimicing funny noises made by Mommy and Daddy
-pulling books out of their bin
-moving around during diaper changes......not cool
-playing with other kids. When there's another little person around you just stare at him/her
-playing with Caden. You still love on him rough, but he's starting to fight back some. One day he's going to take you down.
-Poking faces. You usually find an eye socket and your finger up a nose.....need to work on this
-talking. Your chattering has greatly increased. I look forward to your first word.
-singing. You sing with Mommy in the car and usually during dinner too

Not only did you turn 9 months but you had your first Christmas too! You had a great 1st Christmas with all of your wonderful family! We spent time in Duncan with the Looper family, then came back to spend time with the Sutherlin family and the finale was with the Ingram family. You had some busy days with family. You were showered with so much love, attention and gifts! Little girl you are truly blessed and you got more gifts than I could imagine! You weren't really into opening all those gifts. Your Daddy and I did most of the work. But it was fun to watch you none the less, especially after a gift was opened that lit up or made noise. Once you had something musical you were done. I can't believe your first Christmas has come and gone and you're 9 months old. I've already starting thinking about your (sniff ) 1st Birthday. It's absolutely crazy how fast time goes, especially when we're having so much fun with you!! You are such a blessing and I feel more whole with you here. I love you SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much sugar bear!!



Nana and Lainey @ Christmas

Caden, Aunt Lori & Lainey @ Christmas

Lainey, Jaiden, Caden, Jarreth, Will and the legs of several adults

Daddy, Lainey & Mommy

Cousin Love! Will, Lainey & Ryan

Sweet Lainey bug!!

Looper fam! Grandpa, Daddy, Lainey, Mommy, Aunt Brooke, Grandma, Aunt Julie, Uncle Derek

Lainey and her laptop.Once this was opened, she was done

Lainey and Mommy

Huh? I have to open all of these?

I'm tired. It's bed time.

Daddy and Lainey reading....awwww....

I can help you load the dishwasher!!