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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Family of Four

November?! November?! I haven't blogged since November?! Man I am really bad at this blogging thing! I need to get better at it! (I think I've said this before...)

Well a lot has happened since November, the big one being we are now a family of four! Lainey is a big sister to a sweet, precious little girl named Londyn Beth. Yes I have two precious little girls. It's been wonderful, crazy at times, but I wouldn't trade my little girls for anything! The story:

Last summer Jeremy and I talked about having another child. We knew we wanted another one and wanted them to be fairly close in age. It took about a year to get pregnant with Lainey so we decided we would go ahead and get off birth control (around end of May 2012) and just see what happens. If it took about another year to conceive + pregnancy, that's a little over a year and a half, Lainey would be about 3, which sounded good. On July 13, Lainey and I were hanging out with Michelle and the boys, (they were teaching me to kick a soccer ball because I can't) and I just felt like I needed to take a pregnancy test that day. I had some things happen that made me suspicious. 1. I went for a run a few days earlier and did TERRIBLY! I was ddrrraaggggiinggg. 2. My hip had hurt some and it reminded me of how it hurt when pregnant with Lainey. 3. My stomach felt as though it had pooched out a bit. When I got home later that day, I took a pregnancy test and it was positive. I had never gotten a positive pregnancy test before so I wanted to take another one just in case. I went to the store later that evening after Jeremy got home and bought another one. It was positive. Holy cow!!!! We were going to have another baby! And it happened so fast this time. No waiting a year. Happened first month. Oh my. 

This is the picture we sent to Jeremy's family, letting them know we were pregnant.

I had another smooth pregnancy as far as how I felt. Around 29 weeks, we went for an ultrasound and Londyn measured small. To be cautious, I started Non-stress tests twice so the doctors could monitor Londyn's growth more closely. I continued with the NSTs til the end of pregnancy, well til 38 weeks when I was induced. Londyn continued to measure small throughout the rest of pregnancy so they wanted to get her out as soon as possible. So on February 27, 2013, my life changed once again.