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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

10 months

My sweet Lainey Jo you are now 10 months old! That's 2 whole hands!!!! I can't believe it! Time is flying by soooooooooooooooo quickly! At your 9 month check up (on Jan. 10) your stats were:

height: 28 1/2" (73%ile)
weight: 19 lbs 5 oz (64%ile) (which means I was way off the past couple of months...whoops!)
head circumference: 17" (26%ile)

Still tall and thin but you've evened out some. Some other updates:

-eat a bigger variety of baby food. We've been given more stage 3 foods which have pieces of food in them and you're not quite sure about it. You struggle with it at times because you try to just swallow it and end up choking on the pieces. You've improved on it but still not quite the expert. And for the past week or so, you haven't been eating much baby food because you prefer people food and to feed yourself. It appears as though you're going to be Miss Independent. Hmmm....not sure who you got that from.
-You are talking so much more. At times it sounds more like you're saying sentences instead of just babble.
-You still sleep great at night. Sometimes you wake up whining if you can't find your binky and Dad or I have to go in there to retrieve binky for you.
-You are so mobile! You have a walker that you hold onto and walk around the living room. It makes me cry everytime you do because you look so big. My itty bitty is gone and it happened so fast. :(
-You're a very curious baby. You find something new and really check out and try to figure out it's use and purpose
-You're also very stubborn. You don't like being told "no" and every time you are, you let out this pathetic fake cry. It's pretty ridiculous.
-You love to point! You use your pointer finger for everything: looking at books, touching faces, playing with toys, pointing at anything, eating food and even gnawing on your pointer finger
-You still really enjoy reading books. I hope your love for books continues as you grow up!
-You love to get in the rocking chair and bounce your body, which makes the chair rock back and forth. Or you like for Mommy or Daddy to rock the chair back and forth while you're sitting it.
-You like to go over the side of furniture and then be flipped over to your back, sort of like you did a somersault. Afterwards you have the biggest smile on your face!
-You snuggle up more and more with your softie. It has definitely become your little sidekick and I'm wishing we had a back up in case something happens to it...
-You still don't like to be left alone in a room. If I leave the room you let out an "uuuhh" and come crawling after me
-You like to play in front of my mirrored closet door. You talk to the baby in the mirror and give her kisses (aka lick the mirror)
-Still not a fan of loud sudden noises, such as a sneeze...still makes you jump
-If a stranger (someone you're not familiar with, not literally a stranger) comes up and talks to you, you'll lay your head on my shoulder (or Daddy's if he's holding you). I guess you're being shy. Ithink it's really sweet :)
-You can no longer sit with us during church as it is very difficult for you to sit still and quiet for that long. So you get to enjoy bible class the entire time (until it's time for you to eat)
-You've started weening yourself off taking 2 naps a day, however I've continued to force you to have 2. I think you do better if you've had 2, even if your morning nap is for only 45 minutes
-You still prefer to fall asleep in your beds. You don't fall asleep if we're out and one of us is holding you. You either need your bed or to be in your car seat in a moving vehicle. I wish you would just snuggle up with me sometimes.
-We've been working on "what does a lion say?" and growling at you. You'll sometimes growl much fun!!

I know there's more that I'm forgetting because you're simply amazing and amaze me with something new everyday! You always turn my gray sky blue again and make me smile everyday! I love you more than I can express and I'm even tearing up as I write this. I still can't believe your mine and I get to help raise you. You are the simply the best!! I LOVE YOU LAINEY JO!!! MUAH!

Love XOXO,

Hanging out in toy chest

Checking out new walking toy
Loving on Shala

Aww...such a sweet baby
*please disregard the naked baby doll but for some reason Lainey prefers her that way :/ )

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