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Friday, May 25, 2012

14 months & Mother's Day

My sweet Lainey bug you are now 14 months old! Officially a toddler. Running all over the place. Climbing on everything. It still doesn't seem real sometimes that you're as big as you are. Especially since meeting cousin Braden and seeing how tiny he is, knowing you too were once that small. Sigh.....
Some updates on you:
Teeth: Dear goodness they're all coming at once! I believe you're up to 10!!!
Food: Still love to eat, especially what the big people are eating. You have become more opinionated about what you eat, resulting in some battles, which so far, you've lost them all. :)
Sleeping: Like a champ!
Clothes: Wearing 12 -18 mos, size 4 shoes
Talking: YES! You chatter all the time (got that from the Looper side :) ) Some words you clearly say are bye-bye, hey, more, peas (please), yes, no, ball, dada, mama, eat, and nana. You know you can say more but we just haven't figured it out yet. You really get to talking if you're unhappy about something. Your tone even changes to a whine and you have a sad, pathetic look on your face. It's pretty cute.
Dance: You love to dance. Anytime you hear music (or at least music you like) you start dancing. Recently your dancing has involved spinning in circles over and over until you're unsteady and fall down.
 Personality: Is showing more and more. You're onrey and a ham. You crack yourself up sometimes with your sillyness. I wonder where you get it???

A couple of weeks ago we celebrated Mother's Day. I love celebrating this day because all the wonderful moms out there get to be honored, I get to honor my Mom and now I get to celebrate being your Mommy. I absolutely LOVE being your Mommy!! You're the most amazing gift I have ever received and can't imagine my life without you!! I love you more and more every day!!

In the evening on Mother's Day, the three of us went to the park for dinner and playtime. You love being outside and had a blast. You just walked around for awhile exploring. Then we put you on the swing where you stared at observed the girl next to us. The. Whole. Time. I kept trying to take your picture but you wouldn't stop looking at her.

After the swing, we all walked around some more. Then we tried out the car. You sat in it and pretended to drive it but you were really just observing some more people. You definitely like to take in your surroundings before you jump into something.

Now it's summer break and I get to spend more time with you!! I'm very excited about it!! You are such a wonderful little girl and we are blessed to have you! I love you Lainey bug!

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