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Monday, November 26, 2012

20 months

Well I have been a complete slacker at blogging! Last time I blogged, my baby girl was 15 months and here we are 5 months later!! I can't believe my itty bitty 6 lb baby is now 20 months old!! We are just a mere 4 months away from the (gasp!) 2nd birthday!! Ok I can't go there yet so I will just try to update on what my love bug has been doing the past five months.

One thing that I hear from many people is how verbal you are. You are a talker and you learn new words quickly. Your Daddy and I have to be careful of even the littlest things that we say because you're bound to repeat it. I am thankful that you can communicate so well because it cuts down on frustration being able to understand one another. I wanted to make a list of everything you have said but I think I would leave so much out that the list would be inaccurate.

You are also such a little sponge. You have learned so much about the world around you. When we're outside, you'll notice dogs barking or an airplane flying just by hearing their sounds. You are very observant too. You'll notice the smallest things while we're driving and I'm just amazed at what you know. One thing you like to point out at night time is the moon. You like to find it in the sky and say "Mommy mommy, the moon!" I love to see you get so excited about the smallest things. You have such joy when you discover something new and it's amazing to watch. You've also become a master at putting your shape blocks in the correct holes. You do it so quickly and with such ease. You've even started naming some of the shapes when asked what they are.

Another thing you've learned to do is count. You can count to ten all by yourself!!!! It is so cute to hear your sweet voice counting from one to ten. You like to count the ladybugs in your ladybug book, count blocks, and your chicken nuggets or any other food on your plate. I am just so amazed at your ability to do that!

You still love to read. There have even been times when you've skipped going outside while at day care to stay inside and read. I love how much you enjoy books and I really hope that it continues. We look at a lot of books where we have to find specific objects. You are awesome at finding them. One book you like to read is the "goldbug" book at Nana and Pops' house. On each page, Goldbug is hidden somewhere. You have become so fast at finding Goldbug and remembering where he is on each page, that you can find them faster than you're Pops!! I'm super proud at your searching and memory skills.

You still like being outside too. While outside you like to swing and go down slides. Even if you don't get to do either one of those things, you just enjoy being outside. The other day you went to the park with Nana, CiCi and Caden. When it was time to go back inside you said, "no. walk." All you wanted to do was stay outside and just walk around. So you stayed outside in the cold and walked around for a few more minutes. I love that you enjoy being outside so much and hopefully that continues too!

Your personality is shining through more and more everyday. You are a lot like your Mommy was when she was little (according to others). You are an independent girl who likes to do things for herself. I'll ask you if you want help and you'll say, "Lainey do it" or "Lainey turn". So I sit there and wait for you to complete the task or finally ask for help. You are also particular about how some things go. You have to have your cup in the cup holder on the tray of your high chair. Sometimes your Daddy will move the cup just to see what you do. You notice quickly that it's been moved and put it back in its place. I too believe that everything has a place and should be kept/put back in its place. :)

You are also a very funny girl. You make some of the funniest faces! Sometimes when I'm trying to get on to you, I have to hide my smile because the face you give me is too funny. One thing that gets to me is when I'm getting on to you and I ask you to look me in the eyes, you then proceed to get right up in my face, putting your forehead up against mine with our noses touching as well. It's hard to remain serious and stern sometimes when you do this because it's just too cute. But I do appreciate you looking at my eyes.

You are also a very sweet girl. You like to take care of your baby dolls and are such a good 'mommy'. You rock them or pat them and say "it's ok baby". It is so precious to watch and I know that you're going to be such a good big sister. You also show concern if I'm upset. If you see me crying or if I look sad, you'll come up to me and ask me if I'm ok and you always have so much concern on your face.

I could go on and on about you as there is so much to say about you. I am truly amazed by you and so thankful I get to me your Mommy. I cherish all the time we have together. I look forward to watching you continue to grow (although you could slow down a bit on growing because it's happening too fast!) and seeing what new things you discover and learn. I love you more than anything Lainey bug!!!! You are my sunshine!!

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